Founded in 2019, “Out Of Focus” is an online art gallery.

What started as an idea for a gallery exclusively focused on art photography, where the artist is put first, has now come to fruition. On our website, you will find a curated selection that features limited edition high-quality numbered prints of photographs by artists from around the planet. We aim to explore diverse locations and different sides of cultures that are not commonly depicted in art - subjects that often times remain ‘out of focus’. All of our pieces have an emphasis on internationalism, humanism, and open-mindedness. Our photographers all have decades of experience in their field. They are carefully selected, and they are all very talented representatives of the art of photography.

Based in Austin, TX, "Out Of Focus" is owned by Jakob Christensen, a filmmaker with years of experience in visual arts. In addition to our products, you will find information on this site about our photographers, their careers and projects.

We thank you for your support, and we invite you to freely explore the work showcased on our website.