Ova Hamer Finalist at 2019 Exibart Street Photography Contest

Argentinian 'Out Of Focus' photographer Ova Hamer has finished as a finalist in the 2019 Exibart Street Photography Contest. With a background in television production and marketing, Hamer has been an active photographer since 2009, and his work for 'OF' is focused on the city of Buenos Aires.

From Exibart's website:

"Exibart Street's mission is to celebrate excellence in street photography. We believe that people connect emotionally with photographs made directly from reality, and since today everyone is carrying a camera with them at all times there’s been a huge influx of street photography. The photographers showcased here allow us to see the world through their eyes, offering fresh perspectives on an ever-changing discipline. The judges of our competition and the entire editorial team is happy to finally announce the nine finalists and the winner of the second street photography contest created by the art magazine. For this second edition, we have received over 2500 submissions from photographers all over the world. It was an arduous task for the jury to decide the finalists and winner."

Congratulations to Hamer for finishing as a finalist in their contest, emerging from a packed field of thousands of talented photographers.

Explore his exclusive limited edition series for 'Out Of Focus' here.

Or visit Exibart's website to learn more about their street photography contest.

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